Wind Turbine Bolt Cleaning

Tools and Services


WINDRUSH  LLC was established in order to market BOLT & NUT CLEANING TOOLS to the  Wind Turbine industry.

Clean threads on any fastener is critical to help insure proper tension and help prevent galling and to provide a clean surface for applying non –corrosive coatings.  The best and most efficient way to clean the bolts and nuts is with SHIPMAN BOLT CLEANING TOOLS.



Before and after cleaning photos of the anchor bolts on a typical wind turbine.


Uses For Bolt Cleaning Tools: 

  •  Anchor bolt cleaning during new tower construction
  •  Anchor bolt cleaning for all industries
  • Wind Turbine tools    
  • Cleaning tools for wind turbine hub and blade bolts
  • Bolt cleaning pryor to tentioning
  • Anchor bolt cleaning for coating



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